The Other Red Meat: How to Make the Most of Goat and Mutton Packet

The Other Red Meat: How to Make the Most of Goat and Mutton Packet

Whole Hog Workshop at Cricket Creek Farm Aug. 24th, 2013


Here are some great photos from our Whole Hog Workshop at Cricket Creek Farm

Whole Hog Workshop at Circket Creek Farm


We are hosting a Whole Hog Workshop on Saturday, August 24th at the beautiful Cricket Creek Farm in Williamstown, MA.

The Whole Hog Workshop is going to be an exciting day of pork-filled joy. Throughout the day you will be working with Berkshire Food Guild’s butcher, Jake Levin; charcutier, Jazu Stine; and chef, Jamie Paxton, as well as Climbing Tree Farm farmers, Schuyler and Colby Gail.

The day will begin with introductions and a light breakfast of Cricket Creek Farm cheeses, Berkshire Food Guild breakfast pastries and Barrington Coffee, set outdoors in a field overlooking the farm.  Once nourished, we will dive into a morning of whole-hog butchery.

Our pig for the day comes from Climbing Tree Farm, which feeds their pigs with whey from Cricket Creek Farm’s cheese-making facility. As we break down the hog we will discuss the various cuts, their characteristics, and the best approaches for cooking and curing each one. We will also talk about various butchery techniques and styles, as well as the different factors that affect the pork.

After a full morning of nose-to-tail butchery, we will sit down together for one of our favorite summer lunches: classic Carolina pulled pork. After lunch, Suzy Konecky, farm manager at Cricket Creek, will lead us on a farm tour and discussion of pastured pig management, sustainable farming methods, and the role of whey and dairy in their farm’s systems.

During the second half of the day we will focus on charcuterie, taking the cuts we fabricated that morning and putting them under cure. Together we will make sausage, headcheese, bacon, prosciutto and more of your favorite porky treats.  We will go over the various curing techniques including dry curing, wet curing, smoking, sausage-making, and terrines, so you’re prepared to tackle any bit of pork that comes your way. The afternoon will end with a charcuterie tasting, sampling a variety of Berkshire Food Guild’s house-made charcuterie.

Finally, the evening will commence with everyone settling down around a table to feast and drink local craft beers. Dinner, starring a porchetta that we will have prepared earlier that day, will be cooked in an outdoor wood-fired oven.  And for your final dose of pork for the day: homemade doughnuts, fried in lard.

Everyone will leave with a goody bag including educational materials, recipes, and product samples to take home and ruminate on.

Dinner Menu:
Charcuterie Tasting

Heirloom Tomato Salad
Grilled Fennel, Eggplant and Radicchio
Charred Fingerling Potatoes
Arugula with Grilled Peaches and Cricket Creek Farm Cheese
Berkshire Mountain Bakery Ciabatta

Lard-fried Doughnuts
Seasonal Fruit with Hawthorne Valley Farm whipped Quark

Big Elm Beer & Violette Imports Biodynamic Wines

The Whole Hog Workshop will be held on Saturday, August 24th, 2013 at Cricket Creek Farm, Williamstown, MA. The Workshop will begin at 10:30 am.

Tickets are $350 per person and can be purchased via Facebook or  Eventbrite.

10% of net proceeds will go to Berkshire Grown, a non-profit that supports local farms and local food economy.

Farmer discounts are available; please contact us for details.

For any additional information please contact us at

Berkshire Food Guild Midsummer Feast 2013

Berkshire Food Guild, Midsummer Feast 2013_DSC0007-Photo by Tom Bland_DSC0013-Photo by Tom Bland_DSC0021-Photo by Tom Bland_DSC0031-Photo by Tom Bland_DSC0045-Photo by Tom Bland
_DSC0050-Photo by Tom Bland_DSC0052-Photo by Tom Bland_DSC0069-Photo by Tom Bland_DSC0077-Photo by Tom Bland_DSC0109-Photo by Tom Bland_DSC0126-Photo by Tom Bland
Berkshire Food Guild, Midsummer Feast 2013DSC_0013-Photo by Diana PappasDSC_0028-Photo by Diana PappasDSC_0043-Photo by Diana Pappas_DSC0163-Photo by Tom BlandDSC_0063-Photo by Diana Pappas
DSC_0069-Photo by Diana Pappas_DSC0183-Photo by Tom BlandDSC_0078-Photo by Diana Pappas_DSC0186-Photo by Tom BlandDSC_0098-Photo by Diana Pappas_DSC0190-Photo by Tom Bland

Here is the photo album of our Midsummer Feast at Mill River Farm!


We want to thank you for joining us at Berkshire Food Guild’s premiere event- a Midsummer Feast at Mill River Farm. It means so much to all of us to have had you there. We had a blast and hope you did too!


Midsummer Feast Menu Preview

As we prepare for our upcoming Scandinavian-inspired Midsummer Feast at Mill River Farm, we wanted to share a sneak peak of the menu with you:


You are Invited to a Midsummer Feast

Tickets available now!


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